1 Percent Crypto Trading System

Before we get started:

  • This strategy is modified version of the approach taken in Jason Kelly’s Stock Market System detailed in “The 3% Signal
  • This guide assumes you already own some cryptocurrency and understand the basics of how to use an exchange.
  • 1% daily returns might not sound impressive, but compounded you’ll double your investment every 72 days and 35x your investment every year!

Setup Steps:

  • Buy the 3% Signal and read it.
  • Download this spreadsheet and open in google sheets. (you should be able to copy/paste fields into a new)
  • Choose 3-5 cryptocurrencies and allocate an amount you want to dedicate to each one.
  • Buy 75% of your allocated amount worth of each coin. (Leave the rest in Bitcoin, USDT, or other pegged asset of your choosing.)
  • Record your number of coins purchased and the amount at purchase

Daily Routine

  • Check the price of each coin and record current price.
  • The “Action” column will tell you how much of each coin to buy/sell.
  • Stick to the plan, and your crypto-stack will grow by 1% a day.

Bonus Tips / Thoughts

  • This stuff is risky in general, never invest more than you can afford to lose.
  • Diversifying coins helps reduce risk of 1 coin tanking and killing your gains.
  • Avoid investing in coins that just had a big pump. (if it looks like it went up in price like crazy recently, stay away)
  • If you see that a coin is exploding in value, you can “gamble” and skip a day to let your “winners run.”
  • It’s ok to totally sell your whole position in a coin after a big increase in price. (I’ve closed a number of coins once 100%
    ROI is reached)
  • Consider coins that pay “dividends” and give other rewards. This will help you multiply your gains. (OMG, WAVES, Kucoin Shares, etc)
  • What about fees? Yeah… stick to exchanges that charge lower fees 🙂 … or set the “target” multiplier on the sheet to account for fees…


This system will help you stay a bit more disciplined with your crypto trading.
You’ll be less likely to “panic sell” when things are going down.
And in sideways or bullish markets you’ll to pretty darn well…
Feel free to email ryan@freebizzy.com with any questions/comments.