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Enter Your Bitcoin Address For Instant Payments

If you don’t already have a Bitcoin Wallet, we have some videos about how to set one up at this link.

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(If you’re a FREE Member, you’ll earn $5 Instant on 1 -Tier whenever someone upgrades. As an upgraded member, you’ll earn on 4 Tiers!)

Learn About How The Affiliate Income Sources Work

If you go to the “Income Sources” page in the navigation, you’ll see a list of “Crypto Based Affiliate Programs”

Each of these programs will pay you a commission if you refer someone to Cryptobizzy and they join the program under you.

One of the main things you’ll be doing as you work this system is clicking to join the various programs under your referring sponsor… then entering your own affiliate id/username into this system so as people follow this process after you and take upgrades, you’ll earn Crypto commissions.

By promoting your 1 “Crytpobizzy” affiliate link you’re also promoting all these other programs in an organized, “systematic” way that gives your business a lot of FOCUS.

All while getting paid a bunch of Instant $5 commissions in the process! 🙂

Get Familiar with Promo Tools

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Consider Upgrading Your Cryptobizzy Account

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